Essay on The Sports Of Basketball Coaches On Canada 's West Coast

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I interviewed Coach John Hegwood, because he was the reason that I kept playing the sport of basketball. I also wanted to dig deeper as to why he chose to go to the NBA instead of pursing the chance he was given to play in the MLB. John Hegwood was my former AAU basketball coach and one of the greatest mentors in my city. A former recipient for Calgary’s 2009 Citizen of the Year Award. An award given to someone who has spent countless amounts of hours giving back to the community. Aside from being a mentor he’s one of the greatest AAU basketball coaches on Canada’s west coast. John Hegwood was born in Gary, Indiana which is also the hometown of the famous Jackson family. John Hegwood was my basketball coach from the 9th grade to the 12th grade. An experience that was amazing, being around someone with so much basketball knowledge and life experiences. He was always there for me pushing me to the absolute limits, because he saw potential in me. He was like a second father figure to me always there to lend a helping hand. It was only right to interview the man that made me love the sport of basketball, and embrace all the hardships and challenges that come with being successful in it. I interviewed coach john over the phone a conversation that lasted about two hours and thirty minutes. We talked about how life was, how his club program was doing just basically all the little things. I touched base with why he had chosen to go the basketball route instead of the baseball…

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