Essay on The Spiritual Nature Of Religion

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The physical world exists in a state all humans can comprehend, for the physical world can be heard and seen, and smelt and tasted by all beings; therefore, the nontangible aspects of this world--religions, fantasies, stories—must be taught through the palpable world we exist on. Religion, a science of the beings and places that exist in a pious sense, has been a major aspect of the lives of individuals, families, cities and even countries as a whole. The spiritual nature of religion hinders people from truly appreciating it; therefore, artists and politicians have been using aspects from the real world to represent the teachings of the longstanding Christian religion. Augustine of Hippo believed the ideal political state stemmed from the teachings of The Bible, while artists used hallowed objects, such as The Bible and the walls of churches to teach important biblical stories and lessons through their artwork: the use of the physical reality in combination with ideal religion teachings can be used to add to the Christian appreciation, rather than distracting from it. Art is unlike any other aspects of the world, for it can idealized, while the ideal is out of reach for most things because humans are flawed beings. Christian artists use idealized image to represent excerpts from The Bible and not only did the actual art have a purpose, but the canvas’ in which they used also served a function. The image God as architect of the world is the cover of a Bible; therefore, the…

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