The Speech - Original Writing Essay

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His eyes widened, blinking stupidly 'so then be gentle with me, now. ' Those words shocked him, took him completely and utterly back, he didn 't even have enough free thought space left to be mad about the earth King telling him what to do. Mephisto turned Amaimon back around slowly, staring silently at the younger for a long moment, a deep flush setting in his cheeks before he leaned forward and kissed his brother of things. The action he assumed, shocked Amaimon just as much, if not more, than it shocked him. Yet, once he started, once his lips gently pressed against the other 's he found that he couldn 't stop. He found it felt right. His hand continued its stroking, Mephisto pulling their bodies flush together, sighing so very softly. When he ended the kiss, panting, he managed to speak huskily "...promise me...promise me...that you 'll ask me for this...but only when I can be gentle with you the entire time and only when you want it from me...." He asked quietly, pleadingly, wondering why it was he suddenly wanted this so much. An odd pang filled him as Amaimon kept his gaze down, not sure of what to say. His barely murmured question had surprised him, not even sure for a moment if he 'd actually said it, thinking perhaps it had just been a thought. Despite this surprise Amaimon 's answer surprised him more. Never in his life as he heard Amaimon be so open, so upfront with his feelings. Did his brother honestly mean to tell him he 'd rather be hated than to be thought…

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