The Space Of Space Exploration Essay example

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Since the origin of mankind, humanity has always been perplexed by outer space. We look at the sky and for the first time in our lives, we feel minuscule. In a world where humans are at the top of the hierarchy, space seems to swallow us entirely. Thus, creating space exploration. Space exploration not only answers numerous questions we all share about the universe, it also grants us a deeper look into the world we inhabit. Try imagining a new color. Impossible, right? We have the same dilemma with imagining space. However, because of space exploration, we now have vivid images of our magnificent universe. From Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon to samples of asteroids conveyed to Earth, space exploration has been breaking the barriers of mankind for decades and continues to do so today. In our modern day society, we have virtually inexhaustible access to a superfluity of technology. This is all due to the advancement in technology made possible by space exploration. In fact, the mere creation of digital photography was developed by an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion in the 1960’s. Moreover, NASA’s private sectors have made advancements artificial muscle systems and custom-moldable materials that provide the look of authentic human flesh. In addition, have you ever contemplated how we can communicate with people all around the world? We are able to do this because of the roughly 200 NASA satellites operating through long-distance telecommunications that orbit the…

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