Essay on The Space Of Space And Space

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When I was a child, I 've always dreamt about going to outer space and explore the universe. Out of curiosity, I became obsessed with space because there were many creative science fiction movies where it shows how space should be like, but I have found myself asking the same question over and over again. Is it really possible to live on another planet? Few years later, I’ve did research through many space expeditions where NASA sent humans onto the moon. When the mission succeeded it was one of the greatest achievements of all time. That was when I came to believe that if we humans can set foot on the moon, and then we can accomplish many things in the world. During this year it is impossible for astronauts set foot on other planets because of our current technology only allowing us a one-way trip to the planet. What if the Earth ran out of resources in a couple of years? No one knows! That is why NASA is creating robots called the robonaut to take the astronauts place and use them to build sufficient green house structures in certain areas of the planets in order for humans to survive in maintain a livable life there. One day in the afternoon my friends and I planned to all hang out and catch up on life in old-part-of-the-city Orange County. While we were cruising around town we stumbled across a billboard advertising a new movie that just came out which is called the Interstellar. None of us had heard about it before. Being a space nerd such as me, I 've somehow…

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