La Vida Robot Analysis

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Paragraph 1
They all had personal and group problems, as a team and as individuals. Oscar Vazquez wanted a career in the military but ran into some problems when he went to a meeting to become a soldier. The team also ran into the problem of not having enough money for the robot and had to keep a tight budget for materials. In paragraph 15 it explains that Oscar Vazquez’s parents brought him to the U.S. from Mexico without proper paper work, not allowing him to receive a scholarship, nor get into the military. This is an obstacle because he was kept from fulfilling his dream. It stopped or was in the way of him doing what he wanted to do all his life. This causes him to think of another career he could be in and find something else to do,
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He thought that the robotics team needed a motivator, to keep everyone believing, and everyone on the team must have a job best fitted to their abilities so they could work together in order to overcome their obstacles. In paragraph 11 and 16 it talks about Oscar knowing how to motivate people and keep them from doubting themselves. The author thought this was an important factor for the team to overcome their obstacles because he talked about, in paragraph 11, the teachers entering the robotics team into the, “expert-level Explorer division instead of the beginner Ranger division. They figured their students would lose anyway.” If the teachers think there’re robotics team is going to lose, the team might think the same way. That is why the author wrote paragraph 16. Talking about how Oscar was a good motivator and that he was taught well. He kept the team from thinking they were going to lose and made them think that they had a chance. They needed at least someone who could make them feel good about what they have done and make them believe they had a chance of winning and Oscar was the guy. If the author didn’t think that is important to a team it was important to this specific team that hit lots of obstacles that might have made them think, “Why are we doing all of this? We don’t even have a chance?” But Oscar made them think otherwise. He made them do their best and get rid of all the obstacles they encountered. He made them believe. In paragraphs 8, 10, 14, 15, 16, and 17 it talks about the team member’s individual strengths and jobs they had within the group. The author thought was another important factor in order to build a strong team so they could overcome their obstacles. Lorenzo was the “mechanics man,” Indicated in paragraph 8 last sentence. “Cristian was the smartest 16-year-old in

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