The Soviet Union And The Cold War Essay

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1. What major ideological conflicts, security interests, and events brought about the Cold War?
The United States and the Soviet Union were destined to face conflict, for they were “Born of a common foe rather than common long-term interest, values, or history…” (Foner 887). One of the main influences of this conflict was the differences in ideologies, for both the Soviet Union and the United States “…claimed to be promoting freedom and social justice…and each offered its social system as a model the rest of the world should follow” (Foner 888). However, the Communist ideology supported the spread of communism around the world, at any cost. This included a plan to expand their power through occupying other territories, which is something that went directly against the American ideology. When Stalin constructed pro-communism governments in Poland, among other countries, Americans were outraged, claiming that “…the promise of free elections of Poland” (Foner 887) that had been established at the Yalta conference were being violated. As for security interests, the American federal government completely rejected communism and determined it was a direct threat to democracy and the American way of life. After being informed that only the United States could stop the spread of communism by American diplomat George Kennan, the government called for its containment, in which “…the United States committed itself to preventing any further expansion of Soviet power” (Foner 887). During…

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