The Soviet Union : A Powerful Nation On Earth Essay

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Throughout history, empires have arisen and then fallen; one nation is dominant for a period of time, but eventually they fade away and another nation takes its place. The most dominant country at any point in history was defined as being so by its ability to control other nations, whether it be, as was the case most often, by conquering due to superior military strength, or, as is seen more recently, through wealth and economic strength. After World War Two, America and the Soviet Union were the two most powerful nations on Earth. While many European countries had been torn apart by the war and in need of much rebuilding, the United States had thrived economically due to the industries that emerged to support the war effort. The Soviet Union had strong central leadership who kept a tight hold on power throughout the vast expanse of its territory. Militarily, these two countries were the most powerful and each vied for the role as the most powerful nation on earth. While they had collaborated during the war against Nazi Germany, they became enemies after it. The Allies had approached from the West and the Soviets from the East, converging on Germany. Following the War, Germany was divided into different zones, with the three western zones controlled by the United States, France, and Britain and the eastern part controlled by the Soviet Union. Germany’s capital, Berlin, though lying in the Soviet zone, was divided up into zones that gave the Allies some control over the city.…

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