Essay on The Somali Genocide : A World Full Of Hate And Mass Killings

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In a world full of hate and mass killings, one region in particular seems to excel at doing dastardly deeds. This region would be African and Arabic countries. Somalia and Rwanda are two countries that stand out in particular due to the recent turmoil. The Rwandan genocide is an example of one ethnic group slaughtering another. This is similar to another lesser known, but longer lasting genocide called the Somali Genocide. The Somali genocide started as clan warfare after the fall of Siyad Barre and his regime. The barbaric events occurred over a span of 21 years (1988-2009). It was in 2009 that all foreign powers left the area and an election took place. While this might seem like the beginnings of a new and better and more stable country, this may not be the case. The Somali genocide has been classified as one of the worst humanitarian failures in recent history. This political nightmare shows that sometimes outside help isn 't necessarily "helpful." Starting with the United States, other countries decided to get involved. Seeing that the Somali people were dealing with disease and starvation, the U.S president sent them food and supplies to help them get through the hard times. Then began “Operation restore hope, “where the U.S guarded the hauls of food from the “warlords.” This plan backfired and led to the death of U.S soldiers and some of the innocent Somali people. The U.S gave up on this operation in 1994 due to the loss of life, and brought home the troops.…

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