Essay on The Sociological Interpretation

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The study of sociology has caused numerous thought processes to be stirred among various kinds of people and cultures. It involves looking at why things are the way they are and what causes people to act the way they do. It has also instigated many moral questions and the causality of our actions. When thinking about sociology and the sociological imagination applied to it, it is not uncommon to think about yourself and your own place in the world. The sociological imagination is the ability to look at yourself and your own issues and connect them to the larger social problems or issues while being able to recognize the difference between the two and how you yourself can affect it. My own sociological imagination has been shaped by …show more content…
Another achieved status of mine would be the addition of a girlfriend which gives me the status of the boyfriend in our society. One ascribed status of mine that can be argued as whether or not it is ascribed and not achieved is the addition of a sister when I was three years of age. It can be considered an achieved status because I was not born with it but it is mostly an ascribed status because I did nothing and the status of a brother was in fact, given to me. In addition to all this I have a master status which is the opinion of others as the most important status I hold. In my case this would unarguably be the son or brother as it is part of the most influential agent of socialization, my family. Other agents I feel that affected me are probably peer pressure with what is alright and not alright to do. For me it was not really drugs and alcohol that peer pressure affected me, in but more so staying up late or not doing some homework. These agents of socialization played a large role in shaping my sociological imagination.
With status comes the addition of role conflict and role strain. A role is the particular behavior of the one that contains the status. A role of mine that can exhibit both a conflict and strain would be my actions with my friends. I have many roles with them, some of which include having fun with them, looking out for them, and various other things. A role strain will occur when a friend wants to

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