The Sociological and Psychological Perspective to Child and Family Health in the Wider Context.

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The sociological and psychological perspective to child and family health in the wider context.

The purpose of this essay is to critically assess current health and care policies for children in a pre-school setting and their family. It will also have reference to the bio-psycho- social model and its connection from social and psychological perspectives of children’s experience to their health and illness. It will also cover the importance of promoting optimum health and well being within the nursery for both child and parent.

To begin with some people believe that we, as humans, are complex systems and that illness is caused by a multitude of factors and not by a single causal factor (Banyard 1996 pp 29-31). This approach
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Other important settings may include his extended family, early care and education programs”. (1979 p118)

On the basis of this statement Bronfenbrenner is clearly implying that a child’s development is determined by what they experience within these settings. This demonstrates a connection between his research and the Every Child Matters national framework which is a shared programme of change to improve outcomes for all children, young people and families. The government’s vision of radical reform is fundamentally about ensuring that children are safe, happy, healthy and successful while they are out of their home environment and therefore it is critical for all settings to enforce this. (2003)

The Every Child Matters Framework was formulated in response to a public enquiry chaired by Lord Laming after the death of Victoria Climbie. (Clements 2006 p11). The framework sets out five learning outcomes of which the government are hoping to achieve. These outcomes are:

“Being healthy, Staying safe, Enjoying and achieving, Making a positive contribution and Achieving economic well-being”. (DfES 2003 p7)

This means that everyone involved in children’s services in England, whether in education, social services, health, the voluntary sector or the police, will be aware of the massive change programme that is in progress to improve the well-being of all children and young people in

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