The Society 's Definition Of Equality, Discrimination, Prejudice, And Harassment

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Society is nothing but a bucket of rules on imaginary paper based upon these opinions that are supposed to keep the world in order; but instead of order, we suffer because the several outcomes like: judgment, discrimination, prejudice, and harassment. It is important to realize that, different is not a part of Society’s rules, even though, it should be. There was a girl, and this girl began to believe in society and she tried to see that they accepted and value all who were different. Although, she struggled with telling the world who she really is because of what society’s definition of normal is. With that being said, being a lesbian is not ideal for some people, however, it is what makes her who she is. When you are constantly at a battle with the world you become convinced that you are the opposite of what you are supposed to be and you become oblivious to yourself. This young eighteen year old girl named Minx has been fighting her battle for quite a while now. In this case, minx has been fighting a war that is juggling her life from one hand to another. “I’ve got the world in my hands” (West, Line1) she thought. Now, what to do with it all. Surprisingly, Minx already knew she was a lesbian for quite a while; however, she was terrified of what people would think of her and telling her family before the age eighteen was impossible to her. To be honest, Minx did so many things to make them happy but she never really focused on her happiness. For instance, she used to date…

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