The Social Swipe Essay

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Donating is a very charitable thing to do, whether it be feeding the homeless, sacrificing your time at a boys and girls club, or even donating your clothes to the local salvation army. There are many organizations that help do charitable things like the Red Cross, but there are also unnoticed organizations that help the needy such as Misereor. Misereor is the German Catholics Bishops’ Organization for Development Cooperation. For over 50 years Misereor has been committed to fighting poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. There support is to any human being in need. To gain more donors they created a easier way to donate with a campaign called “The Social Swipe”. Every organization advertises to their best ability but with a little more improvements you will become successful. Misereor , “The Social Swipe” is an electronic advertisement to get people to donate money to the needy whether it be to help someone eat or free someone from captivity in the Phillipines your donation counts towards something. The audience would b directed to any and everyone who wants to help for a good cause. The role in their marketing strategy is in four categories such as product, place, promotion and price. The product or advertisement is a dual screen billboard to swipe card for donation. The place is in Europe (mostly Germany). Misereor is promoting people to donate to those in need for the price of only $2
The effectiveness of this advertisement is that once you swipe to donate, a…

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