Essay about The Social Sciences And Humanities

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When applying to the University I did not know what my intended major would be, but I knew I wanted to do something in the social sciences or humanities. At the end of my first year I began the Philosophy major, but despite satisfying a good portion of my interests, I wanted away to enhance the skills, such as logical reasoning and analytical thinking, through everyday interactions and inspire critical analysis and conversation to initiate change for the world.
During my second year I decided to take introductory courses from both the Political Science and the LSJ departments. Unfortunately, taking both at the same time made it difficult for me to discern the goals of one program from the other. However, during my time enrolled in those classes I was able to get a glimpse of how the law played out in society in comparison to how they were written or believed. Despite finding an interest in these ideas I was unable to convince myself to apply to the major at the time because I had yet to see the conversations for solutions. At that point, I must admit I was in a constant battle about which of the two majors I should apply to. It wasn’t until Spring of last year that I was able to take LSJ 363, Law in Society, when I realized LSJ focused on the complexity of the law, the multitude of functions, and how the law performs in society. After the first few classes I realized I wanted to be able to continue to explore the difference and interactions between the “law in the books”…

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