Social Learning Theory Research Paper

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Albert Bandura once said, “Psychology cannot tell people how they ought to live their lives. It can however, provide them with means for effecting personal and social change.” The Social Learning theory is a theory based on the observation of other people where one self looks for confirmation of individual behavior to see if it’s acceptable. It is also where the human being models or imitates behaviors and attitudes of others for one’s own benefit. Bandura later added that self-efficacy was missing, that believing that we can do something plays a bigger role in our future helping us define us and our behaviors outcome. People tend to always look at others to verify if their behavior matches someone else’s, if it is acceptable by others or …show more content…
We learn from others, and the attachment styles theory explains secure, avoidant and ambivalent styles of attachment. A secure attachment is when the care giver brings love and consistency to a child, and a child learns and grows to be a more confident and secure person that will more than likely have healthier relationships and a more successful future. The ambivalent attachment is when the caregiver is inconsistent with the behavior they express around the child. The child will want them near but not necessarily close. These people tend to have some trouble with relationships and getting close to someone, without that consistency they will be insecure of what could actually happen to them. The avoidant style is when the care giver will not be able to sooth the child’s distress, and in the long term they will become more independent and not have a good stable relationship since they were never exposed to one. The attachment styles are learned and they are expressed when the child grows, the social learning theory explains that these styles built the individual the way he/she is and the way he/she will be with

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