The Social Issue I Will Be Investigating Essay

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Summative Task 2: Investigation

1. 200-300
The social issue I will be investigating is among the very important issues we live in today, Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Throughout this investigation, we will explore Refugees as a whole, and why the debate on whether to let them in, is affecting social cohesion in Australia.

Refugees coming from countries facing economical and conflict issues are sent to detention centres where they are “left 4 dead”. They’re held in detention centres for weeks on end awaiting entry into the country. Most of the children in the detention centre won’t communicate, it is just so overwhelming for young children. anxiety, depression for children at that age creates early mental retardation. Most children who are there can be detained for months. Reporters say… “These children are actually identified by numbers and not names- to the government officials, they are just numbers on a spreadsheet” –Lexi Metherell The challenger ahead of us is how to foster social cohesion and moderate rising social tensions between refugees and host communities in these camps. If we’re unable to moderate the rising social tensions it may result in secondary conflict in host countries such as China, Kenya and Pakistan.

2. Inquiry Question
How does Refugees and Asylum seekers affect our social cohesion today and what is our democracy doing about it?

Sub Questions:
1. How can Australia help bring in Refugees and Asylum Seekers?
2. What effects do Refugees and…

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