The Benefits Of Uncontrolled Immigration

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‘Immigration is hurting us’ say 6 out of 10 British voters, whilst under the eye of the labor government, let immigration spiral out of control. Immigration is a detriment to society. ‘Politicians have underestimated the scale of the challenge’. They have lost control of the situation not only struggling, but failing to cope. They deplete our basic resources, steal your home. Then why allow them into your country?

Benefits Migrating to a host country should mean they are of some serviceability to the host country, however the Government have to determine policies around the immigration. These policies need to be visited periodically. Such periodic visits cause strain in the government to channelize the limited resources into more important
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This means that existing residents in the UK would be unemployed because immigrants will take any job that has been offered to them, as the host country requires a higher demand in skills like plumbing or an electrician, something in which immigrants might have some professional background on. In an economic downturn this uncontrolled immigration will become a hindrance to growth due to some of these immigrants are unskilled or semi-skilled, they will not earn enough money together to help a country out of recession. Nonetheless, often the most highly skilled (such as doctors) leave. Causing a ‘brain drain’ which is not good for the source country, but does create a positive impact for the host country. Large movement of people will need added security because of the citizens and residents of the UK who are uneducated meaning crime and death rate will sky rocket. This also means the wages for teachers would decrease and the time spent between students and teachers would decrease meaning a less likely chance of getting a good education. This will also lead to an increase in crime rates as more migrants will be uneducated and not know the difference between what’s right or wrong. Residents like pensioners would not receive much capital due to the fact most of the high wages go towards immigrants with well payed jobs, this means that not enough money would be spent on education or NHS and so deplete resources or not manufacture any medicinal resources in desperate times of need where there are not many resources to live off. Since immigration is happening on a large scale their employers may exploit them. Which in turn can be a positive of why they are essential to society because they bring some commission to the economy, but is it

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