Essay about The Social Group Of The Group

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The social group that I chose are the people that I work with at Jimmy Johns on Mondays from 5:00-10:00 p.m. This group consists of 3 males and 1 female. The ages for the males are 22 (subject A), 18 (subject B), and 54 (subject C) and the female is 17 (subject D). I chose this group because everyone is very different from each other, yet everyone works well together and are able to have fun doing it. The first prominent element of the group is the language. Because each person tries to be as fast as possible when serving customers, we have a shorthand way of speaking that takes less time to get the point across. Secondly, many values are apparent in the group, ranging from how much others are expected to clean to how the manager is spoken to. The final element of the group I’ve observed is the way that the group sees and interact with technology. Most of the people working this shift will check their phones during down time and don’t mind if others do the same. Overall, this group may have very different individuals, but there are enough shared similar elements to be able to make the group work. The first concept apparent in the group is gender roles and expectations. A gender role/expectation is a societal norm dictating behavior based on the person’s gender. One example of this I observed in this group is how females are generally expected to do more work that pertains to cleaning. Managers often comment on how females clean more or are faster on the line making…

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