Essay The Social Factor Of Youth Suicide

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Understanding Society –Youth Suicide– Christine Nguyen (18347991)
Suicide is a major health concern that is occurred worldwide that is very problematic and it can occur towards anyone at any time and at any age, mostly younger adults are mostly influence towards suicide because they are at the age where they cannot be able to handle any situation because they are currently struggling with their life situation such, hence this could be a social factor towards youth suicide. There are also social causes towards Youth suicide depending on their social background and their history that the individual is facing and finally the theoretical perspective that belongs within Emile Durkheim‘s Functionalism Theory and Max Weber’s Symbolic Interactions theories. For all that youth suicide can be prevented if there was huge amount of social interaction towards the person having the thought of suicide.
Youth suicide is a social factor, leading young adults towards depression, family conflict or unemployment. This raises many concerns within the social community as the rate of suicide is increasing over time with the ‘number of suicide deaths per year of 2461’ (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013).The Australian Bureau of statistic also states that males are more likely to commit suicide more than females..., this could be caused by other social factors such as unemployment or family conflict however over time changing social and economic. Depression can the leading cause of social…

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