The Social Exchange Theory In Interpersonal Communication

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Introduction The field of communication has a lot of widely recognized theories that are practical in our everyday lives. A topic that I am really interested in is interpersonal communication because it is crucial to help develop and further a relationship. The theory within interpersonal communication that really stands out to me is the Social Exchange Theory (SET). This is ‘one the most influential conceptual paradigms in organizational behavior.’ (Cropanzo, Russell & Mitchell, Marie S., 2005, p. 874). This is true because this is a theory that can help individuals organize and explain why and when we continue some personal relationships, while ending others. This theory has helped me develop a better understanding on why I have chosen or not chosen to maintain the relationships …show more content…
This is a theory that has to do with relationship maintenance, and can help individuals explain why and when we continue some personal relationships, while ending others. Also, this theory takes into account how satisfied an individual will be with the relationships he/she chooses to maintain (Ruben, Stewart, & Householder, 2014, p. 81). Embedded within this theory are three core assumptions. First, relationships are a function of comparing benefits gained versus costs to attain benefits. They calculate this before acting. (Sabatelli, R. M., & Shehan, C. 1993). Second, people want to make the most of benefits, while lessening the costs. This is known as the minimax principle. Lastly, by nature, humans are selfish. People naturally tend to look out for themselves first. (Ruben, Stewart, & Householder, 2014, p. 81). These assumptions are much easier to understand and recognize when they are explained more thoroughly with the three core components of Social Exchange

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