Difference Between Social Interaction And Social Exchange Theory

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Everyone’s lives are different, and we all perceive events in our lives in varying ways. The Symbolic Interaction Theory and Social Exchange Theory are two very important theories when it comes to social interaction. Symbolic Interaction Theory is the way in which individuals act based on symbolic meanings in their lives that they find in any given situation. People interact with these symbols, and then they eventually form relationships around them. The Social Exchange Theory is based on how all relationships have a give and take, even though the balance may not be equal. This particular theory helps explain how we feel about a relationship with another person. There are three perceptions that the Social Exchange Theory is based on. First, …show more content…
Our perceptions include the balance between what we put into a relationship and what we get out of it, the kind of relationship we deserve, and the chances of having a better relationship with someone else. In my life, there are several different relationships that I have with people. When I think of Social Exchange Theory, there is one person in particular that comes to my mind. During the middle of summer, I met someone out of the blue and we have continued to talk and hangout here and there. When I think abut the relationship and break it down, I realize that this particular person may be putting more into the relationship than I currently am. This person is always going out of their way to call and text me to see how I am doing and how my day is going. Sometimes, I do not have the urge to call them to see how their day is going though. We live almost two hours away from each other, and that can make the relationship a bit difficult at times, but this person is always willing to come up to Bowling Green to visit me and therefore, already has several times. Although this person is putting more effort into this relationship than I am, they are the type of person that I really do deserve because they treat me in a respectful manner and they are always making the time to see how I am doing. The chances of me having a better relationship with someone else are quite slim. Everything about the way this person treats me is the way in which everyone should be treated. I have realized that I need to start putting the same amount of effort into them as they put into me before it is too

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