The Social Environment Has An Impact On Goal Oriented Motivation

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The social environment has an impact on goal-oriented motivation. When we are teaching, we have to be positive role modelss for children so as educators we should give self-direction, self-determination, and self regulation. Knowing how the brain function can have a great influence on how teachers address the emotional, social, cognitive and physical learning of students (Jensen, 1998). Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory identifies “interpersonal relations” (1979, p.22) as a key element in the context of human development. He also said the interrelations with the child primary environments (such as home and child care) have the most important influence on development. Research findings encourage us to expose children to a variety of multi-sensory early learning experiences and encourage even very young children to work with patterning, sorting, classifying, using number games, and exploring shapes (Westwater & Wolfe, 2000). Children are guided by the role models in their life. The three people that I selected came from different environments, backgrounds, and cultures. I work with toddlers which were difficult to find families at the daycare that were willing to participate. The three people that I have chosen to do child rearing practices of was Cinamen Rivera, Ebony Evans, and Jessica Chandler. The first person I had a chance to interview is Cinamen who is twenty two years old, she has two children and her ethnic is Hispanic.She is curreently engage and…

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