Essay on The Social Determinants Of Health

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The social determinants of health are ultimately the root causes of disease and health, which determine the cause of many risk factors for disease. Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders are significantly more disadvantaged when referring to the social determinants of health leading to higher occurrence of disease in their socioeconomic groups than those of non-Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. The social determinants of health are comprised of many factors such as “safe pregnancy, early childhood experiences, educational attainment, secure employment, safe housing, and conditions of daily life” (World Health Organisation, 2008). According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the presence or absence of the social determinants of health determine the health inequalities within a society. It has been proven that socioeconomic groups where all these factors are present, have higher life expectancies and less occurrence of disease (ABC News, 2015). It is apparent that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups experience a deficiency in some factors of the social determinants of health when according to the Australian institute of health and welfare, indigenous Australians have a life expectancy an average of 10 years shorter, than non-indigenous Australians (ABC News, 2015). The World Health Organisation states that there is no basic biological reason for a gap in life expectancies of different socioeconomic groups (World Health Organisation, 2008) and therefore…

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