The Social And Physical Environment Essay

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Many people experience poverty in different ways. When some people encounter poverty, it is very harmful. Poverty often implies living in fragile environments without a supply of clean water or sanitation. “Conditions in the social and physical environment may also influence health if they are conducive to stress and are referred to as stressors if they are likely to be perceived as harmful, threatening, or bothersome or as placing a demand on individuals that results in a physiological adaptational responses” (Schulz pg. 1706).
If one was to travel to a place like India, they would discover that poverty is infinite there. Some people have absolutely nothing. No food, no clothes but the ones on their back, and no one to help them. America is different, the welfare system is not great but we do not have mass starvation. America is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, yet it has lower levels of poverty than any other western democracy.
Poverty can be described as a situation where income falls below a specific level. Poverty includes establishing an appropriate income level and choosing a way to measure it. Once a poverty line is chosen, one needs to use a poverty measure to calculate the poverty level corresponding with the income distribution.
The poverty line varies for everyone. Different people experience it differently.
“There’s the poverty of wages wired for the funeral you
Can’t get to the poverty of the salary cut
There’s the poverty of human labor offered…

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