The Smith High School Should Continue The Policy Essay

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Emmitt Smith High School should Continue the Policy

The National Center for Education Statistics states that 94% of schools have a zero-tolerance policy for weapons or firearms, and 87% for alcohol, while only 79% report mandatory suspensions or expulsions for violence or tobacco. These numbers are jaw dropping, because almost 100% of schools in the nation have a zero-tolerance a policy. Knowing these statistics, the administration at Emmitt Smith High School should push to have the current policy continue. Thought the policy has been said to be controversial, with some arguing that it violates the student’s rights, it can be disproved with the results of the surveys taken by the student body at this school. Emmitt Smith should let the school policy continue, because schools part of the public school system have a duty to provide safety for all students as well as but not limited to maintaining a policy in which it does not violate any of the student’s rights, but must also be effective.

Because the policy is harsh, yet effective, the number of arrests and incidents at the school have decreased. Both tables 2 and 3 have shown how the arrest rate and the number of incidents have decreased with the school policy in effect. Table one shows how from 2006 the number of arrests have increased from 23 to 98 in 2012, and due the the instillation of the new policy that number started to fall to where it is currently at, 43 Arrests. Table 3 shows that in 2006 the number of…

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