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Walter Jerry Payton was born on July twenty-fith, 1954 in Columbia, Mississippi to Peter and Alyne Payton. As a child, Walter spent plenty of his time outdoors and enjoying sports along with his siblings Eddie and Pam Payton. He attended John Jefferson highschool and later Columbia highschool, where he played football for 3 years. When he graduation, Walter chose to follow within the footsteps of his older brother Eddie and played football at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississipi. He majored in communication and excelled on the gridiron as a tailback , finishing fourth in the vote for the Heisman Trophy in 1974. He completed his NCAA career with 3,563 yards and sixty five touchdowns.

Payton was one amongst 3 kids born to Peter
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Walter got off to a slow start, Walter finished his first season ran for 679 yards and had seven touchdowns when competing in thirteen games. Nicknamed "Sweetness" for his humility; he stood at 5' 10" and two hundred pounds and was a strong runner with deceptive quickness. His second season saw him double his first season numbers by running for 1,390 yards and had thirteen rushing touchdowns. That was conjointly the year of his 1st of 9 Pro-Bown appearances. Walter's on field toughness was best shown during a game against the Minnesota Vikings on Nov 20, 1977. when he was sick with the flu, Walter Payton ran for 275 yards on forty carries - a record that was only broken by tailback Corey Dillon of the Cincinnati Bengals in 2001. He was the NFL's Player of the Year and its MVP Player in 1977 finishing the year with 1852 yards and fourteen rushing touchdowns. Payton was conjointly a fitness nut and trained arduous within the off-season. His legendary workouts occured on the most high tempreature days, on a bank in Columbia, Mississippi whenever he ran sprints within the sand to come back with with a pair of extremely robust legs that helped him churn out huge yardage on the …show more content…
He spattered in booming land, restaurant, construction and NASCAR races ventures. He was additionally participated in various philanthropic works through his Walter Payton Foundation. however by late 1990s it absolutely was turning into clear that one thing was wrong along with his health. In 1998 Payton said that he was plagued by primary sclerosing cholangitis, a rare disease that caused him to slim down and turned his sclerotic coat (white portion of the eye) yellow. By 1999 a neoplasm was discovered in his liver resulting in duct cancer. Walter Payton was forty five years old once he died on november 1, 1999, at his home in South Barrington, Illinois. He was survived by his spouse Connie, daughter Brittany and son Jarrett

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