The Smashing Hit Cartoon Show Total Drama Island Essay

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On Cartoon Network, the smashing hit cartoon show Total Drama Island is a parody cartoon version of the reality show named Survivor. On the cartoon show, there are twenty-two teenagers that are trapped on a camp site called Camp Wananakwa, which is a rundown island. While the teenagers are there, they must learn to survive vigorous challenges, which are insanely dangerous every week, to win a quarter of a million dollars and be safe from elimination. There are two teams which are the Killer Bass and the Screaming Gophers. The losing team has to vote a camper off the island onto the “Boat of Losers onto the Dock of Shame.” Everyone gets their own single vote, but smarter campers tend to make alliance to save themselves because the votes are majority rule. Fast forwarding halfway through the show, the teams are soon disbanded and now it is every camper for themselves. There is still a majority rules, but the person that wins the challenge is invincible from being eliminated. This process finished until it is only two campers remaining on the island. Now imagine if they changed how they eliminated the campers. Let’s say that everyone vote counted, but electorally. For example the person who came in last place had one vote, the person who came next to last had two electoral votes, and so on and so forth. That would change the game. That could possibly affect how everyone is eliminated. Alliance would have been built on the strength and ability of who will score higher in the…

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