The Smart Girl 's Shame Free Guide For Sex And Safety By Jaclyn Friedman

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“You Can’t Get What You Want Until You Know What You Want”

As I walked among the aisles of bookcases at Changing Hands Bookstore, I contemplated which book I would choose to read, analyze, and review for this class. I desired a book that another student was less likely to choose because I desired more of a challenge, per say, by coming up with my own opinion and analysis of the book. However, as I stood before the Women’s History and Sexuality section I felt overwhelmed with the amount of options available. After reading through the rubric presented to the class, I decided that I wanted to choose a book that discussed women’s sexuality because it has always been a topic that intrigues me. For this essay I chose to read the book, What You Really, Really Want: The Smart Girl’s Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety by Jaclyn Friedman. After looking at the cover of the book I originally anticipated that it would be an advice book that, like many other advice books, offered information that I, quite frankly, already knew, and would be repetitive, but as I began reading I realized that my original judgment was totally and completely incorrect.
What You Really, Really Want thoroughly discusses women’s sexuality by dissecting the topic amongst eleven chapters to aide the reader in understanding the, “one sexual relationship you are going to have for the rest of your life: the one you have with yourself” (Friedman, 2011, p.8). This book provides insight as to where our ideas of our…

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