Essay about The Slavery Of The County

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With Avery County historically always been a very petite county and approximately never exceeding a population of 17,834, the views and opinions of slavery are corresponding within most residents of the county. To fully understand what most residents think of slavery, the history of slavery in Avery County must be discussed. Involuntary servitude in this particular county was shifted from the typical vision of “American slavery”. Stereotypical slavery usually is envisioned with large plantation homes and brutal masters. However, this was not the case in Avery County. While slavery initially started with Native Americans, the first documented form of slavery in Avery County was an African owned by a man named William Davenport. Davenport owned one slave, and after a fire burnt down his minuscule home, a tunnel theorized as being used in the Underground Railroad was discovered. Avery County did not develop its name until a very rich slaveholder by the name of Waightstill Avery moved to Avery County. He moved from Connecticut in 1775, and developed his part of Avery County by it “Avery’s Bottom” because it was where they kept their slaves. The Banners, being the only other family to own slaves, possessed around seventeen slaves. However, they were unionists, and they had the largest Underground Railroad stop in the entire western region. The Banners were the last family to own documented slaves in Avery County (Hardy, Michael).
After understanding the history of slavery in…

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