The Slavery Of African American History Essay

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One of the most scarring events in all of American history was the enslavement of Africans. This was a turning point in history that left long-term economic, political, and social effects, some of which have lasted to this day. Slave systems of labor were cruel and traumatizing, and represent a scar in American history.

When people mention slaves, most people’s original idea of a slave would be an African. However, before there were Africans slaves as the colonists’ source of labor, other resources were used. One of the first forms of labor used by the European colonists was the indentured white servants. This was the process of an agent paying for the trip of a European to come to the New World, and in return, that European would work for the agent in North America for a number of years. This was common since the conditions in England were terrible during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Page Smith, author of From These Beginnings, focuses on the horrible state in which Englanders lived in. There were thousands of poor people among beggars and the worst of criminals. It was under these conditions that lead to indentured servants in North America. Unfortunately for the colonists, indentured white labor was a far too limited source, and another was desperately needed. It was natural for the Europeans to have already turned to the natives for a source of labor, and so the Indians became an immediate target. However, the diseases brought by the Europeans…

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