Decision-Making Skills

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Decision Making Skills
The results of taking the online quiz How Good is Your Decision Making? from Mind Tools gave me a score of 63 (“How Good,” n.d.). This score is on the higher end of the mid-range results indicating a good basis for decision-making, with a lot of room for improvement. Taken from the article, the six themes of good decision-making are:
1. Establishing a positive decision-making environment.
2. Generating potential solutions.
3. Evaluating the solutions.
4. Deciding.
5. Checking the decision.
6. Communicating and implementing.
As soon as I read the six themes within the test, I recognized an area that would be of immediate importance for me to improve. I know that I am weakest in the area of checking the decision after it
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Testing and scrutiny is a big part of ongoing decision making and can be a crucial element in the success or failure of the decision (Pillay, 2014). Some of the same elements used to evaluate possible solutions can be used to analyze my decision after it is made. Using a weighted decision-making template such as the SWOT analysis, where the acronym stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, can also be used to audit the final decision and its effectiveness (“SWOT analysis”, n.d.). The important emphasis of this, for me, is to go through the process of evaluating and auditing the decision. The following checklist from a FEMA study is an effective guide for evaluating the results of the decision as …show more content…
By improving my decision-making and critical thinking skills, I will be a better employee and leader within my organization, as well as a better candidate in a job search or for promotions. Quality decision-making involves making a conscious and deliberate decision, after considering all the possibilities and then effectively implementing that decision followed with an un-biased evaluation and making adjustments as necessary (“How Good”, n.d.). Continued improvement in all areas of decision-making is a personal and professional goal, specifically in three areas - evaluating the decision, generating potential solutions and establishing a positive decision-making environment. Through research, self-analysis and practice I plan to improve this skill

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