Essay about The Site Of Jordan 's Journey

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The site of Jordan’s Journey is located at Jordan’s Point near the James River in Prince George’s County, Virginia. Prior to 1619, the site was occupied by the Weyanoke Indians, one of the sub-groups that made up the Powhatan clan; the largest Native American group in Virginia. Samuel Jordan arrived in James Town on a charter with Christopher Newport in 1610 and served there until 1619 as a burgess for Charles City. A year later, Samuel Jordan took residence at Jordan’s Point with his wife Cecily, her two daughters, and their male servants. After surviving a massive Powhatan attack on the Jordan’s Point site in March of 1622, Samuel Jordan would remain at the site with his family until his death in 1623. Soon after this, Samuel Jordan’s widowed wife Cecily married William Farrar, who moved to Jordan’s Journey, and the site was then abandoned in 1635. The excavation project that took place on the Jordan’s Journey site from 1990 to 1992 was fulfilled by Virginia Commonwealth University under the direction of L. Daniel Mouer and Douglas C. McLearen. Through the excavation process, archaeologists exposed a fortified compound containing 11 structures and a cemetery dating to the early 17th century, the features and data collected are readily available to the public online.
Through excavation at Jordan’s Journey, archaeologists were able to recover over 60,000 artifacts. Throughout this paper, I will expand on the artifacts found at the surface level in feature 320 of…

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