The Simplicity Of Being An World Essay

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The simplicity of being an anesthesiologist when you grow up is not uncommon for this generation and the upcoming increase, of needing more anesthetics in rural areas demanding for more physicians in that area in the medical field.
To be an anesthesiologist, I do know that it takes at least an unimaginable twelve years before you’re certified to be an anesthetic physician. Many don’t know what implies to be an anesthesiologist when knowing how much to give a patient the right amount of dosage, watching the vitals of a patient during surgery or making the sacrifices that are needed for you to be always alert in any case of emergency.
While doing research I did come across some question’s I didn’t find while doing my research, as to “What is life like living day by day just waiting for a call where you have to drop all things and attend the call.”
The thought of being an anesthesiologist means the world to me ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always wished to be that one person, to save a life and be someone’s hero. The number of countless hours I’ve put forth into researching this topic; I’ve learned a lot but not just by reading stuff online from known websites with all the information needed for me to learn about being an anesthetic physician, but I’ve also learned so much more from one of my cousin who’s a physician in this field and seeing what she goes through is absolutely mind blowing. However, by the use of the internet and other sources from the library I’ve…

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