The Similarities Of My Family

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All families are different, but many have some of the same qualities. After watching the television show, Parenthood, I found that my family is a lot like one of the character’s Adam Braverman’s family. Both families are similar in ways that we look like we have it together, when in reality we are very dysfunctional. Not to mention we are comparable in ways that the characters from the show resemble members of my family, and how both families respond to tragedy. Seeing connections to another family is a constant reminder that we are all analogous in some way. Unfortunately, most times it is very easy for people to not understand the troubles of others. People may think that my family has it together all the time when in reality, it is the …show more content…
Adam Braverman, the breadwinner of the family is a lot like my father. In fact, neither of the two are complainers battle to find a job, in which they are content with and that will also supply for their family. Although things may be tough at work, both of the dads always put on a smile when they got home and tried to create an illusion for the rest of the family that everything will be all right. Moving onto the eldest daughters of the family, Haddie Braverman and my sister Delaney are two peas in a pod. Both of them are very sweet and polite girls, but they beat themselves up over the fact that they are not with the in crowd at their schools. Both of them get into some trouble in their later teen years and it really affects their caring mothers. That brings me to Christina Braverman and how she resembles my mother Vicki. They both want to enforce the rules and be a best friend at the same time; nevertheless, I think they both do a wonderful job of balancing both. Unfortunately, their rebellious daughters do not believe that, as both mothers and daughters constantly at confrontation. Just like the Braverman’s immediate family, my family does an amazing job of supporting each other when the going gets

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