Nicaraguan Food

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Nicaragua and Florida have their similarity but, at the same time they have their differences. For, why Nicaragua and Florida have their similarity and different. Indeed, Nicaragua and Florida have many things in commend. For instant, both have in commend when it comes to food. However, they different when it comes to their traditions. By the same token, Florida and Nicaragua have their different when it comes their typical food. In addition, when it comes to thorium their have many places to visit to spend time with the family. Additionally, they have different ethnicity. Equally important, when it comes to the language. Nor, Nicaragua and Florida have different life style when it comes to their why of living.

When it comes
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For, for, their one diches that is call carne asada (bean with rice, grill meat, fried chess, sweet fried plantain, tortilla). For, there is another dich that that is nacatamal. Moreover, this dish is know well by Nicaraguan and by non-Nicaraguans. In addition, this dish is made out of dough, meat, rice and it cook slowly until it done. Therefore, you ask anybody what is nacatamal and they will tell you. However, this is not the only dish there are many. For, they have el baho, bigoron and for drink. moreover, the have chipa made out of corn and sugar. Additionally, Nicaragua have a drink made of milk and cocoa. Therefore, if you go to Nicaragua or go to this small business ask for a fresco de cocoa. For, you are going to love it. in the meantime, in Florida you could find all this type of food. But, the reality is that that typical food and drink is only made in Nicaragua. Also one of the most popular beers known as tona and rum flor de caña. Nor, this are only made in Nicaragua. However, the typical food of Florida or the united states is the hamburger. Therefore, their typical drink as far as alcohol is the …show more content…
However, that language that is the maid language is English. But, if you living in south Florida you will hear many people speaking Spanish. Nor, in Nicaragua many people are starting to speak English especially in medicine in with you have to know English. For, Nicaragua way of living style is different from Florida. Moreover, there is party every mouth. Although, when we talk or speak of style of living you can say that Nicaragua in that aspect. For, people are very poor not comer the way is lie in Florida.

All in all, when it comes to food Florida and Nicaragua have some similarity. As it can be seen, their a lot different when it comes their respective food drink and conclusion, is that you can have a great time if you visit Nicaragua or Florida. After all, if you spend time with your family and friend you will have a great time. In fact, days that you will never forget. All things considered, is that the way of living or style of living their life is a lot different from

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