The Silent Generation Essay

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"Even as I said it, I knew the phrase 'to make a living ' would have absolutely no meaning to these children of affluent society"(Lorber and Fladell, 81). Millennials or Gen Y, frequently categorized as self entitled narcissists, have received much criticism from prior generations. The survivability of the youth is questioned due to the belief that they haven 't ever had to work to achieve or receive what they desired. The quote above, a 46-year old Ernest Fladell, on his 20-year old nephew, Richard Lorber, may sound somewhat familiar to many Millennials. However, the article in which this is stated was published in 1968. It seems that the members of the Silent Generation, those approximately born between 1920-40, share the same concerns about Baby Boomers, 1940-60. Quotes nearly identical to the one used here can be found dating even before the common era. While one might find this strange or coincidental it is rather easily explained. There is no scientific reason for a generational breakdown, these labels are only used by older individuals as a device of condescension and criticism to be used on the youth to shame them for their normal stages of development.
Millennials are the most recent in a series of labeled generations in American History. The 6 living generations being: The Greatest Generation (1900-20), The Silent Generation (1920-40), The Baby Boomers (1940-60), Generation X (1960-80) and finally Generation Y, or Millennials. The United States census…

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