The Silent Epidemics Of Heart Disease Essay

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Cynthia Essex was a wife and mother of eight children when she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Her story starts out on a regular Sunday morning when she set off to church with her family. She was feeling fine despite the slight amount of fatigue that continued to press on her. This seemed normal to Cynthia though, and she even claimed that, “Something would be wrong with me if I wasn’t tired.” Exhaustion soon overwhelmed her, and during the middle of church service she abruptly found herself sprawled out on the floor and completely breathless. “I remember thinking: I can’t die. I have too much to do. I have purpose in my life,” exclaimed Cynthia during her final moments before her departure to the Hospital.
Dedicated researchers and cardiologists alike have noticed the increased mortality rates that have occurred in the last century due to the silent epidemics of heart disease. This disease is defined as an abnormality within the blood circulation of a person 's’ heart. These abnormalities cover a vast amount of conditions pertaining to the heart; conditions that range from a coronary artery that’s clogged, a lack of blood being pumped, or a an abnormal heartbeat (Nordqvist, 2015). The indicators of heart disease can’t be pinpointed upon just anyone or anywhere within the heart. Hypothetically, we assume that those diagnosed with heart disease look like they do from the outward appearance; whether it be an obese middle-aged man to frail elderly person. The…

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