The Side Effects Of The Criminalization Of Medical Marijuana

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There are so many decisions that you can look throughout history that have been made just based on the views and perceptions that some people in power have. These decisions are not always based on truth, facts, or research. Sometimes they are just made as a political move to boost ratings. The criminalization and prohibition of marijuana is one of those decisions.
As a society, we have a tendency to follow the masses. Basing decisions on perceptions that are often skewed or guided, by the bias opinions of people, in positions of power. These opinions can be politically motivated or based on biased opinions, and instead of people as a society pushing back, asking questions, and demanding facts that back up these decisions, it is easier to follow along and not question. In fact, sometimes the eventual
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Another disease that is very trying to deal with is Chron’s Dieses. This is a severe intestinal disorder that can lead to the failure of GI reflexes. There may be intestinal bleeding and in later stages this can lead to portions of the intestines being removed. Like cancer, Chron’s Dieses can lead to patients having a decrease in their appetite, which medical marijuana can help to increase. Also, and most importantly, the use of medical marijuana can help these patients by reducing the swelling of the irritated tissue.
Another serious dieses that can have positive results with medical marijuana is Multiple Sclorosis. This is a degenerative nerve disease that will slowly cripple the patients and in many cases may lead to death. In most cases, the treatments may consist of tranquilizers, sedatives, steroids, or barbiturates which will only ease pain for a short time. Medical Marijuana can help to control the spasms better, ease ongoing pain, and also quells their uncontrollable tremors. All three of the dieses’ above are very painful and miserable to deal

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