The Short Story Of A Fire By Jack London Essay

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The short story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London holds the major principal concept of giving admiration to nature through having an authoritative understanding of the signs to warn that it provides. The story utilizes a setting that plays a major role in understanding development. London utilizes particular techniques in establishing the surroundings as well as the tone of the story. Through introducing the general readers to the story, the author prepares them for a tone that provokes fear as well as depression. Through the isolation by the destiny and the frigid weather the author illustrates how the man is uninformed of his environment. Therefore, for the only world that the man is aware is the environment that he has developed solemnly. Most individuals have not been exposed to such a situation, the author accounts that the surrounding is the major determinants of survival. This is illustrated through everything that the man and his companion came across which was an illustration of danger throughout the story. The story utilizes the third viewpoint instead of the first person as the narrator fails to utilize first person pronouns. First, personal view is only used when the narrator chooses to take control of the story (Kennedy, and Dana, 28). The viewpoint of the story is thus not limited, but it is omniscient in nature for different reasons. One the narrators are portrayed to be known in everything in the story, because he does not only understand…

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