The Short Passage Of The Medium Is The Message By Marshall Mcluhan

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In the short passage of The Medium is the Message by Marshall McLuhan, he explains his views on the transition from verbal communication to writing words down on a paper, and also the constant advancement of technology. McLuhan proposed that writing words on a paper led to inventions such as book, roads and more. At the same time, writing caused Western society to live in a world of invisible lines. He emphasized that alphabet had no true meaning until lines were added to it. Also that before writing the world had no restrictions. McLuhan hypothesized that this shift in technology improved Western’s society as well as limited it. His passage was both agreed and was a counterargument to Mike Masnick’s essay, “Did Pencils Make us Dumber?”.
In the essay “Did Pencils Make us Dumber” by Mike Masnick, he debates that technology is not causing any issues; it is those who cannot keep up with new technology that oppose its existence. There is also a section of Plato’s idea on writing that claims written word led those who used it to a weaker memory and was not as interactive as communicating face to face. Masnick, McLuhan and Plato expressed both common and contradicting points in their writings. Although The Medium is the Message and “Did Pencils Make us Dumber?” express plenty of differences, both McLuhan and Masnick recognized the continuous shift and upgrade in technology. Furthermore, Plato and McLuhan imply that written word caused closeted restrictions on Western society’s…

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