The Shelby County Case Controversy Essay

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Therefore, the Shelby County case has caused significant controversy, especially in the Indian community, and will likely lead to drastic results. As of 2016, lawsuits have been brought in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and Wisconsin due to state actions that have derived from Shelby County. ii. Canada
The Canada Elections Act of 2000 sought to regulate the election of Parliament members to the Canadian House of Commons. In addition to placing spending limits on advertising and regulating the broadcast of election advertising, the Act also sought to regulate voter identification at the time of voting.
Prior to 2007, Canadian citizens were not required to establish their identity or address; they only needed to state their name and address to the poll clerk on order to vote. However, amendments to the Canada Elections Act in 2007, required “electors to prove their identity and residence by producing certain authorized pieces of identification, or by taking a prescribed oath and being vouched for by another qualified elector.” After the federal election in 2008, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) saw that groups – such as – students on campus, Indians, and seniors in long-term care facilities – found it harder to meet the new identification requirements, as many of them do not have drivers licenses. As a result, during the 2011 federal election, the CEO allowed 900,000 electors to use only their voter information cards to vote.”
Regarding the identification required,…

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