Essay about The Shawshank By Frank Darabont

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“Hew out of the mountain of despair to a stone of hope, and you can make your life a splendid one.” This is my grandfather’s favorite quote. He kept saying that to me when he tried to pass on his life experience to me. Not paid much attention to it, I never thought that hope is the power to wake up my sleepy potentials. It was not until have seen the Shawshank Repetition directed by Frank Darabont that I realized how the hope can motivate me when I suffered. I developed constant sense of hope from the Shawshank Repetition.
It was chilly spring night when I was returning from my grandfather’s grave. It has been six months since he passed away peacefully. Earlier on that night, my parents told me that we might soon be leaving China to go to the United States. I was lost for a time, having no aware of what did this mean to me. I walked aimlessly along the beautifully landscaped paths of the riverside. I looked up into the firmament, listening for a rare sound of flowing river, sniffing the moist air. It was a clear, scant-started night when the moon was near its fullness. I didn’t make any sound, not knowing how long I stayed there; it could have been one or two hours, maybe longer. I almost wept with a disconsolate sadness when I realize was about to leave the place where I was grown and born. I appreciate the custom and culture here. Despite scarce material possessions, people still live happy lives with what they have. During my time in China, I spent a great deal of time…

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