The Separation Of State And Church, By James Madison

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The room is sweltering hot. The flies are buzzing. Suspense is rising and ideas are turning into a cacophony of aggressive and intelligent voices. The room is full of arguing men who are taking sides when they are supposed to be working together. Suddenly, a timid, soft-spoken man of 5’6” emerges from his world of note taking. He had had enough. His gentle yet passionate voice silences the others as it begins to speak reason into the field of chaos. The owner of this wonderful voice of logic and wisdom was James Madison (at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia). From barely being heard, to silencing a group of powerful, significant men, or even becoming president, Madison did it all. Growing up as a sickly child, James loved …show more content…
Madison supported the separation of state and church- Our current nation, however, on many occasions is introducing a new religion within the area of public schools- science. With this, the government is slyly molding the minds of children and adolescents to believe that there is no God. This definitely violates the idea between the separation of state and church. Madison also strongly deemed freedom, responsibility, and public authority to be the foundational- Our current so-called freedom is quite restricting. Taxes forced upon us to pay for the government’s mistakes. Healthcare, car insurance, the steady increase of income tax. Freedom? Responsibility: the aspect that many young citizens are throwing away for a life of the party. (Note: not all do.) Public authority: The thing so many people are ignorant of because the government is convincing them otherwise. Lastly, Madison hoped for a government which would place the rights and happiness of citizens before money and power. Currently, it’s reversed. The government is so focused on gaining power for themselves that they neglect their original purpose. They search the constitution and bill of rights for loop holes giving them more power. Although, perchance, they think they’re doing it for the country’s greater good. Perhaps, they are trying to help us out of our current state. One never knows with politics. Nonetheless, our current government has set aside most of Madison’s wise words. Maybe it’s time to pull them back

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