The Self Deception By Alfred R. Mele Essay

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I found myself in an ironic position when I realized that I was self-deceiving myself when choosing which article, Real self-deception by Alfred R. Mele or Self-Deception as a Pretense by Tamar Szabo Gendler, I supported the most. The first article I read was Mele 's and his way of describing several points of his view confused me as well as some of them enlightened me. As I moved on to Gendler 's article, I found her way of explaining herself somehow more reader-friendly and hence more understandable. Consequently, this made me truly believe that Gendler 's points of view made more sense than Mele 's, I was non-intentionally self-deceiving myself. As it turns out, the next class I find myself putting some of Gendler 's points of view under the microscope because of my fellow peers who were justifiably criticizing them. After some time, I realize that Mele 's ideas made more sense than some of Gendler 's ideas; however, I was intentionally deceiving myself by contrasting both sets of ideas and forcibly trying to make Gendler 's set to make more sense because I didn 't want to be mistaken. At this point, I realized that self-deception is, in fact, a crucial part of our life that we don’t really think about. Moreover, even though I read both articles and I think they have intelligible ideas, I believe that both articles are trying to encircle a massively broad, even infinite, number of possible cases with what seems to me as finite closed systems. In this paper, using…

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