Deception In Brave New World Analysis

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Deception in Brave New World and 1984(Orwell)

From the dictionary definition, deception refers to a scheme or a trick a person uses to get what he/she wants. Therefore, the word deception comes from an act of deceiving somebody on a particular issue. The developments in this paper entails a deep analysis of the novels Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World written by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley respectively. Additionally, more emphasis will be carried out on the issues relating to freedom, brainwashing, state, apathy and deception. While drawing a parallel between the universes presented in the modern world and the two novels, the research findings will also attempt to reveal the conceptions given
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According to Kennedy (1998, p.94), Orwell’s book does not under any circumstance qualify to be a warning or even prophesy but a mere challenge to the reading ability. However, Hitchens (2002) gives a contrary opinion claiming that Orwell’s novel is a prophetic artwork, which illustrates how the imperial world exists. A similar opinion is also presented by other literature scholars in consideration to the Brave New World novel by saying that Huxley; the author, gives an insight on the truthful illustration of the world of consumers with the spread of drugs and the mass …show more content…
However, in his book; Nineteen eighty-Four, he contemplates making an attempt to provide a truthful ideology of the communist that he considered destructive to the society. This shows that Orwell forfeited getting involved in any political systems, but his book remained a landmark in the politics of the time. The truthfulness was considered negative by the USSR’s media, which considered his work an aggression on the Communism and the USSR. Orwell fired back at the mass media claiming that the viewpoint was a direct attack and that his work was never intended to attack the communists and the socialists. He clarified that his work was designed to illustrate the perversions that an economy which is centralized is liable and realized in fascism and communism. Orwell had a full information regarding the significance of the totalitarian reign on governance. For instance, the Great Britain was under significant decay as a result of enormous pressures for the Nazi dictators and the Communists parties as the big political

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