Small Talk And Flirting Analysis

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Humans are naturally deceitful and deceptive, it’s just in our nature. We often put on a façade to emphasize our significance and flaunt our superiority to each other. We are shallow beings; our deepest desire is to make everyone envious of how wonderful we are, even if we are just as insignificant as a spec of dust, floating through the wind. It’s all about appearances with us. Every single one of us is guilty of seeking attention; it’s an undeniable fact that we all just want to be acknowledged and appreciated, regardless of whether or not that acknowledgement is valid or if we actually deserve it in the first place. This is, perhaps, the largest issue with our species. We’ve grown so accustomed to romanticizing our everyday lives and creating …show more content…
Two prime examples of this are small talk and flirting. Typically, when we engage in small talk, it’s out of boredom, or we are surrounded by strangers which forces us to engage in awkward social interactions. We talk about irrelevant current events that no one particularly cares about, but then we manage to relate these events back to us, or how we’re doing. That would be fine, except usually we only do this impose our level of importance on these strangers, and show them how magnificent we truly are. Although unintentional, small talk provides the perfect excuse for acting more notable than we really are. Flirting is a little different, though. We put on this somewhat seductive act in hopes of attracting a mate. This in itself is deceitful because the personality we are expressing to achieve this is simply not genuine. Unlike small talk, when we flirt, we are deliberately deceiving people, whereas before it was more of a subconscious act. We try to appear more desirable to the recipient of these advances by allowing our personality to have undergone a change that we suspect will appeal to them. If we use all of our guile in everyday life to portray a superior impression of ourselves, how do we not drown in all of our dishonesty? We should be overwhelmed by all of the shenanigans that consume us, but instead we just continue to build on them. Everyday. We add on to all of the small truths we’ve already stretched and continue to establish this fake image of who we

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