The Selection Of The Highly Effective Teachers Essay

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The selection of the highly effective teachers is vital to the success of a school. In order for a school to be more effective, it has to be staffed with the right people who understand the mission and vision of the school as well as understand the importance of continuous growth. To improve teaching and learning, highly effective principals realize the importance of surrounding themselves with highly effective teachers who have a desire to do the job well. Fink and Resnick (2001) asserts, “Above all, principals are responsible for selecting and cultivating a teaching staff that is able to teach effectively.” Furthermore, the principal must be able to analyze and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning in order to select and maintain good teaching staff”.
Stronge and Hindman (2006) developed the Teacher Quality Index (TQI), a process for hiring teachers based on a detail analysis of potential teachers’ credentials and recommendations. The TQI instrument focuses on specific questions reflecting strong pedagogical knowledge, research-based quality indicators as an avenue to anticipate responses to specific questions, area to make notation of key points received during the interview process and a scoring rubric to solidify consistency among interviewers. Just like teachers need professional development, so do principals specifically on hiring practices. If a school is going to be successful, the principal must be knowledgeable regarding best practices in hiring…

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