Essay about The Security Hipaa Data Is Driven By Mandatory Requirements

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The security HIPAA data is driven by mandatory requirements and the potential to improve the quality of healthcare delivery meanwhile reducing the costs, these massive quantities of data. To deliver the quality of healthcare information, it is referred to electronic health data is sets to be extremely large and complex which cause difficulty to use with traditional software or hardware in a data management tools or methods. Looking at what the future will hold for security HIPPA data that can identify predictive events and support prevention initiatives, collecting and publishing data on medical procedures, assisting patients in determining the care protocols or regimens that offer the best value and identifying, predicting and minimizing fraud by implementing advanced analytic systems for fraud detection. Will all this measurement, HIPPA will be secure in every angle of the electronic healthcare data system.
To determine what breach of privacy and confidentially in e-Healthcare, there are precautious to follow such as Personal autonomy (the ability to make personal decisions), Individuality, Respect, and Dignity and worth as human beings (Institute of Medicine, 2009). The personal autonomy is focus on high value and to respect the person and to ensure they can make the choice about when, whether, and how personal information can be shared with others. The patient’s individuality gives greater freedom to patients and decision making concerning health care, which allows the…

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