Essay on The Secrets Behind The Military

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The Secrets behind the Military
Joining the Unites States military can be something really rewarding, it can provide you with education and a life changing experience at least that is what you are told. Even though these statements are true; when the military is recruiting they hide some information for example sexual assaults among the solders. Sexual assault is described as sexual contact upon a person or persons unwillingly, by means of force, physical treat, and abuse of authority (
The military is a private culture these solders learned to life among each other without their family and friends. They are sent far away to military bases. At a point in life you accept to see the other solders as your family and as friends. This leads them to protect and care about each other. They start seeing each other as brothers and sisters. And that is the entire views of the military to protects and care about each other in order to protect the United States of America.
Today congress and representatives are fighting to help solve the sexual assaults within the military. They are doing this with the support of the victims and their families.
This is part of the essay I will write down the sources that will be used in the research paper and why are they being used.

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