Secrete Life Of Walter Mitty Analysis

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Movies and Box Office Critique
The Secrete Life of Walter Mitty follows a character named Walter who is constantly absorbed in his daydreams. Walter uses theses manifestations as a way to escape the dullness of his life. With the progression of the film Walter becomes less reliant on his day dreams, but rather his experiences, to guide him through each day. A closer look will be taken to determine the success of this movies success with audiences based on several categories of criteria.
This film is a comedy remake that proved to be profitable at the box office. The Secrete life of Walter Mitty was estimated to have spent around 90 million for their production budget. In return their worldwide revenues for the film
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Instead of movie promotion the film maker Casey Neistat spent the given budget to lend aid to typhoon victims in the Philippines. Merchandise from the movie can be linked with several distributers. Although the film in not critically acclaimed the reviews in terms of magazine and newspaper were in large positive. New York Daily News claiming that “Stiller manages to float in a most peculiar, satisfying way”, or the Rolling Stones going as far as to say,” his uniquely funny and unexpectedly tender movie, Stiller takes us on a personal journey of lingering resonance”. The reviews that the film got that were not flattering seemed to center on the same idea of lingering. In the same way critics found it flattering others found the same concept to be …show more content…
Things that contribute to the success of the film in many ways can be relative such as competing movies at the time. Failure seems to come when their is a lot of hype surrounding the film and the result is disappointing if the movie does not live up to expectations. Genre plays a large role in success related to the type of demographic you are drawing in. What demographic is more likely to come drop money in theaters to watch your film? If it appeals to a certain audience and they are more inclined to support the movie prior to the release date, then success in box office sales are sure to follow. This movie succeeded in different way. Based on numerical data it was a profitable film deeming it a success. Other factor determining success such as the award the film won and the positive reviews critics wrote were more about the quality o the film

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